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Florida citizens grand jury indicts Obama and Biden for national security leaks regarding the supposed Osama bin Laden kill:

Time to indict the political class! No one has the guts to arrest them though. At least someone has the guts to indict them.

WE THE PEOPLE are responsible to hold our government in check and protect and defend our Constitution, whether or not you think it is a perfect or not as our standing “King” says it is.

If you have ever taken the oath, whether you entered the military or law enforcement, your oath holds you accountable.

The biggest case in point right now is the current question about Mr. Obama’s birth certificate and selective service registration card, let alone the questioned social security card he allegedly is using that is not his.

The next is Sections 1021 & 1022 of the soon to be implemented NDAA past by our inept congress and signed into law by Mr. Obama. If your state is in the process of a nullification act, please stand up and support it. If you are in a state or local jurisdiction that is not in the process of enacting nullification legislation, please call your representatives and push them to take action.

The next assault is with HR 347. is a further assault on our First Amendment rights guaranteed by the Constitution. How did your representative vote?

Make your voice heard!

Google’s NEW Privacy Policy or Spying On YOU Policy Begins Today

WE need REAL Change; not more of the same. We don’t need fake conservatives or flip-floppers or globalists. We need someone in the Presidency that has real standards. Someone that will really cut the government and help put the US back on track.

At least it should be the biggest news story of the decade. This could turn out to be a constitutional crises, depending on the findings of an investigation by Arizona Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse into President Obama’s eligibility for the presidency.

Today at a news conference, Arizona Sheriff Arpaio will make the findings known to the public. Where it will go from here depends on those findings and an inept Congress.

If you are interested in what the findings are and want more information, as well as watch the news conference, you can go to WorldNetDaily’s website set up just for this purpose.

It looks like the MSM (mainscream media - I didn’t coin the phrase but, I like it) are finally interested.

What hypocrisy!

They are being banned in some countries. For years India has fought for them to be removed. Articles express the dangers. 

Monsanto employees will not eat them.

GM food banned in Monsanto canteen


Monsanto Creates Genetically Modified Food For Us, But Bans It From Being Served In Their Own Corporate Cafeterias

Do we not have the right to know when GMO is in the food we purchase? According to Monsanto and FDA, NO.

Just do a search on the key words and you will find other articles.

See the video: Seed of Deception: The Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

Do you like the Obama “change”? You can keep it!

Here are some startling statistics that all should read and decide which presidential candidate you would be comfortable with in the oval office this next term. Ron Paul is the only one that doesn’t espouse the status quo. 

Take a read: